Bee Tea - Organic Supplement

Bee Tea - an organic feeding supplement for honey bees 

Bee tea is an ready to use powder and can be dissolved in syrup to feed the honey bees. It is the best way of delivering Thymol to bees and larva's, bees bring it to every part of the hive in a short time.

When Thymol is attached to syrup, it ends up in the stomach and blood of the honey bees.

The products that are available to treat Nosema only treat the infective phase and not the spores. Thymol is known for its antifungal properties and has been scientifically proven to control the infective phase and the Nosema spores.

Bee tea is an organic feeding product and increases honey bee colony vitality and encourages population growth. This syrup additive will stimulate egg laying by the queen; it furthers brood production and ensures a strong, healthy and productive colony.

The addition of Bee Tea to sugar syrup will benefit nuclei, swarms, splits, and colonies 
being fed to supplement winter stores. This mixture, when added to syrup will retard/reduce mold growth and fermentation.

Bee Tea is a blend (combination) of thyme extract and vitamins. For best results, Bee Tea is mixed at the rate of one level teaspoon (2grams) to one gallon (4 litres) of 1:1 syrup. Bees like the flavour of this tea. 

Store syrup on a dark place, UV- light destroys Thymol.

100 grams / 200 grams per bag

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