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Heilyser Technology Ltd.
685 Dalkeith Ave.
Sidney BC  V8L 5G7

For orders and further information you can contact us at
Phone inquiries: 8AM - 9PM Pacific Time 1 250 656-8727
Fax: 1 250 656-8727

Sales and Service
Heinz Kaemmerer
We sell our products directly via mail-order round the world

Wolfgang Paper
All types of general machining Commercial, Aircraft Full Service Tool and
Die Shop Design and Manufacture of Machine Components Design and
Manufacture of all types of parts
Free Product Evaluation and Price Quote
All types of Oxalic Acid Crystal Vaporizers
We do not sell Oxalic acid

Distributors Wanted

If you’re a distributor of bee products and would like to sell our JB200 Electric Vaporizers and Bee Tea, just send us an e-mail request.